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International School on Mathematical Cryptology 2008: Mathematical Foundations of Cryptology

Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,
Barcelona, Spain, September 22-26, 2008

Webpage: http://www-ma4.upc.edu/mak/ismc2008/

As a continuation of a series of events on Mathematical Cryptology that have taken place in the Netherlands and in Spain from 2003, the Spanish Thematic Network on Mathematics for the Information Society is organizing the 2008 International School on Mathematical Cryptology (ISMC 2008). The International School consists of four tutorials (from Monday 22 to Thursday 25), and a one-day Research Seminar on Mathematical Cryptology (on Friday 26).

Important Dates:
Stipends deadline July 23
Early registration deadline July 31
Short talk submission deadline September 8
ISMC 2008 takes place September 22-26, 2008

Research Seminar

The Research Seminar on Mathematical Cryptology consists of two invited talks:

and some shorter talks by members of the Network. We encourage PhD students to submit a short abstract (2 or 3 pages) of a cryptologic research work in progress. Please, send the abstract by e-mail to cpadro (at) ma4.upc.edu, preferably as an attached PDF file, along with your complete affiliation, before September 8, 2008. Accepted talks will be notified in September 15.


The tutorials are intended for PhD students (and post-docs) in mathematics and theoretical computer science. The required background knowledge is the standard undergraduate curriculum in basic algebra, number theory, probability theory and/or theoretical computer science. No prior knowledge of cryptology is required.

Each tutorial consists of 4 hours of instruction, 1 hour of problem solving and 1 hour of discussion of the solutions. Course notes detailing definitions, theorems and proofs, as well as the exercises, will be made available at the course.

Financial support

(See registration)


Scientific Coordinator:  Ronald Cramer (CWI and Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Organizing Committee:  Maribel González Vasco (URJC), Josep M. Miret (UdL), Carles Padró (UPC), Ángel del Río (UM)


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